For many organizations, communications and outreach are a one-way exchange of information and resources pushed out to customers, partners and the press. At Ethos, we help our clients think differently. We focus on pushing further to create an interactive dialogue with feedback loops that create room for discussion.

Why do we do this? We believe that fostering a two-way dialogue with your stakeholders yields several benefits:

  • Bigger Impact: Effective engagement means more stakeholder participation and better information to improve your program outcomes
  • Better Experience: By understanding the unique needs of your stakeholders, you can provide the interactions and solutions they want
  • Greater Efficiency: Access to stakeholder feedback and data helps you make better business decisions and use limited resources more efficiently
  • More Accountability: Information gathering and sharing increases program transparency and helps you be more responsive to stakeholder needs

The notion of stakeholder engagement comes from the corporate responsibility movement, which recognizes that organizations do better by understanding the needs of the communities they serve. Effective stakeholder engagement goes beyond traditional communication techniques, using two-way dialogue and feedback loops to improve decision-making, accountability and program outcomes.

Over the past decade, stakeholder engagement has been central to our work with mission-focused organizations. Let us know how we can help you implement an engagement program in your organization using our Stakeholder Engagement Success Model.


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