Ethos Strategic Consulting is joining Wheelhouse Group!

We are thrilled to announce that Ethos Strategic Consulting is uniting with Wheelhouse Group! Our commitment to excellent service remains a top priority for each of our clients. If you have questions or concerns please contact us or take a moment to learn about the merger by clicking on the button below.

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Ethos Strategic Consulting is a DC-based, full-service management consulting firm with advisory services focused on solar and energy storage technologies, businesses, and policies. We provide strategic guidance and solutions to Capitol region solar energy companies, electricity providers, and clean energy advocates. We also have considerable experience in all aspects of solar energy project development and financing, with a special focus on overcoming the challenges of working in dense urban environments and lower-income communities.
Solar for All LogoWe are currently the project lead for the Capitol Solar Canopy Cooperative, an initiative funded by the District of Columbia’s Department of Energy and the Environment and the U.S. Department of Energy, to deploy at least one megawatt of solar canopies on the surface parking lots of multi-family affordable housing in the District of Columbia in order to provide cash dividends from the sale of the clean electricity directly to the low-income  tenants of the adjacent buildings. We are seeking to partner with low-income housing owners with suitable properties. In exchange for leasing a property’s surface parking area, the owner of a master-metered building will be able to purchase all the electricity generated by that solar project at a savings of approximately 20 percent compared with their current electricity rate.

Advisory Services

  • Policy Navigation
  • Government Interface
  • Targeted Advocacy
  • Strategic Communications
  • Market Research
  • Business Development
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Product Launch

Energy Collection & Storage Consulting

  • Batteries for Electric Vehicles
  • Storage Batteries
  • Solar Powered Lighting
  • Solar Cells
  • Solar Powered Electrical Systems
  • Complete Solar Energy Systems
  • Solar Radiant Flux Measuring Instruments
  • Energy Collecting Equipment Rental or Lease (Solar and Wind)

Other Consulting Services

  • Architectural Services for Energy Conservation
  • Review of Energy Tax Exemption Applications
  • Energy Related Construction
  • Energy Management Engineering

Solar Expert/Advisor Experience

DC Office of the People's Counsel logo

Office of the People’s Counsel

Role: Consulting and Analysis
Program: Review of technical solar potential within District of Columbia

  • Provided comprehensive third party assessment of Value of Solar analysis
  • Presented confidential results to People’s Counsel and leadership team
Solar Grid Storage logo

Solar Grid Storage

Role: Project Development
Program: Develop operations center to address unique needs of managing grid connection PV + storage assets

  • Use of storage to maintain grid stability and allow greater solar penetration
  • Pioneering microgrid in Laurel, MD
DC SUN logo

DC Solar United Neighborhoods

Role: Stakeholder Engagement
Program: Implementation of revolutionary solar co-op model

  • Provide impartial information about solar options to DC residents
  • Facilitate group purchases in DC to lower costs and deployment barriers