Ethos Strategic Consulting is joining Wheelhouse Group!

We are thrilled to announce that Ethos Strategic Consulting is uniting with Wheelhouse Group!  Our commitment to excellent service remains a top priority for each of our clients. If you have questions or concerns please contact us or take a moment to learn about the merger by clicking on the button below.

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Outreach & Communications

We believe that the key to a successful partnership is building and cultivating relationships with our clients that are built on trust, transparency and respect.

Ethos assesses your current outreach techniques, builds stakeholder profiles and helps hone your message. We then determine the right mix of one-way communication vehicles (such as newsletters and videos) and two-way feedback loops (such as feedback sessions and interactive webinars). We partner with you to ensure efficient and creative implementation to achieve your outreach and communication goals.


A strategic communications plan is critical to your organization’s success.

At Ethos, we work with our clients to provide expert counsel through every step of the communications process. Whether you are building your brand from the ground up, repositioning your business in the marketplace, or looking to revitalize your organization’s reputation; our team of experienced communications professionals is ready to help you overcome your challenges and achieve your business goals.

Our integrated approach to communications combines public relations, media expertise, stakeholder outreach and advertising to provide our clients with a comprehensive action plan that is unique to their specific needs. You’ll find no cookie-cutter solutions here.

Digital Strategies

Information is now more accessible, interactive and consumer-driven than at any other point in the history of communications. Consumers are constantly connected and actively involved in the organizations that are important to them. In order to thrive, businesses must invest in the development and execution of a dynamic digital strategy.

Our consultants provide expert knowledge in determining the most effective technologies and distribution channels for each client. We offer a tailored, full-service approach that incorporates research, website redesign, social media strategy, multimedia development and proactive consumer engagement.

Reaching stakeholders is accomplished by bridging the gap between the organization and the public by building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. A fully-integrated communications strategy for the digital space is the key to success and we look forward to working with you to develop a solution that works best for your organization.

Content Marketing

In today’s crowded marketing environment, the messages that resonate most come from people and organizations that share real ideas, content and best practices. Here at Ethos, we believe that the most effective strategy is not to simply push products and services, but to educate consumers and stakeholders about important industry issues and trends. We provide our clients with the tools, knowledge and connections required to distinguish themselves as leaders within their industry.

At Ethos, we work with our clients to extract your expertise and engage your stakeholders through:

  • Speaking opportunities for you to share your knowledge and expertise with your target audience
  • Valuable cross-industry relationships through the planning and execution of executive roundtables and events
  • Development and execution of white papers and op-ed pieces that can be distributed to the right influencers and executives
  • Website content, blogs, videos, newsletters and more, that help to position your executives and your organization as subject matter experts

We can help you deliver quality, distinctive messages that focus on compelling issues.

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