• Government Gone Agile

    By Dan Chenok and Joiwind Ronen Over the past several years, government has taken cues from industry about the value of adopting an agile approach to software development. OMB policy and this Administration have established offices across government to help […]

    People sitting around an agile roundtable
  • Stakeholder Engagement Matters

    For many organizations, communications and outreach are a one-way exchange of information and resources pushed out to customers, partners and the press. At Ethos, we help our clients think differently. We focus on pushing further to create an interactive dialog with feedback loops that create room for discussion.

    people around a table
  • Mutual Values

    Ethos means: the distinguishing values and practices that guide successful leaders, organizations and communities. At Ethos we make a conscious choice about who we work with and how we engage. Over the years we have been committed to working in the corporate responsibility movement with such organizations […]

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